摘要 图片护卫插件使你能够用三种不同的方式来保护你博文中的图片,这是首款(至少目前是)拥有如此功能的BlogEngine.NET插件。这三种不同的保护方式分别是: 水印方式(Watermark): 当你的图片被别的站点盗链时,在图片上加上水印,比如加个你的域名,起码告诉了浏览者,这是属于你的图片(顺便还宣传了你自己的网站,不是吗?: ) )。这是默认的护卫方式; ... [More]

Image Guard Extension for BlogEngine.NET

Image Guard is the first (if not unique, at least for the moment) BlogEngine.NET extension that allows you guard your image files in blog posts in three different ways when they are displayed on other sites.

Watermark: Add watermark to your images. (That’s a good way to spread your web site, isn’t it ? : ) );

Block: Replace the image that other sites request with a block image, such as an image only shows Not Allowed text on it;

Reject: Responde the request with 403 code. [More]